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Does my business really need a website? Most people know that there are millions of people using the Internet to find the products and services that they want or need instantly. However, many small businesses are often concerned with the initial cost of building a great website and don't understand why they need to put their business online immediately. They wonder what is really going to happen if they choose to wait one or two years before bringing their business website online?

Website for a Big or Small Company

A well designed web site can make your business seem like a giant corporation even though it may have only a few employees or even one. A well done web site can speak volumes about your company. You can present pictures, audio and video to captivate and educate your potential clients.

For example: you want to visit a city for your vacation. You hop on the Internet and you check out what is going on there. Let's say you run across a site for a restaurant. On the site you see pictures of the latest dishes and people enjoying themselves there, you read favorable reviews and to top it all off, there is a coupon right on the home page for a 10% discount. That's a pretty compelling reason to visit the restaurant.

To Wait or Not to Wait

The top risks for your business if you choose to wait and not get a website for your business today:

Save a penny to lose a dollar

The typical cost of getting a brand new web site developed by GET Social MD isn't very much. A well designed, marketed and managed site will generate income for your business well into the thousands yearly depending on your niche.

Your competition is already online

One of the negative results of the power of the Internet for most small businesses is that their competition is no longer local. No matter what industry you are in, it is highly likely that your competition is global and if you are not online, they are. The longer you take to bring your business online, the harder it will be for you to gain exposure to your potential clients or customers in the search engines. Google algorithm uses something called Page Rank to determine where you show up in the search results.

Stop waiting and take action!

The longer your business takes to get a website online, the further behind your business is falling to the competition. In addition it will be difficult for your business to gain exposure in Google in order to drive site traffic. The amount of money you spend upfront could give your business great returns online in the long term.

GET a website for your business today and please stop waiting. Let us help you set up an Internet Marketing plan that will document why your business needs a website online today. Please feel free to contact us so we can help you achieve your online goals.