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GET Package Design

Product packaging is an integral part of your design process. As the first line of contact between the consumer and your product, packaging is the ultimate point-of-sale tool which requires a cohesive design to encourage sales. We take care to create your packaging in the best possible way for success. Some factors which all packaging should incorporate include:


This is your target market or customer base. Your packaging design must include graphics, color schemes and designs all targeted towards your market niche. GET Social MD has a keen understanding of what works for various groups and how color theory, styling and perceived value play out in the consumers mind.


Your packaging must be congruent with your final product design, branding scheme and marketing materials. Having four different design firms working on these is a recipe for inconsistency and can result in a muddled message. GET Social MD has a unique perspective and experience in understanding how to develop great products from start to finish. This understanding allows us to ensure that the product message is effectively communicated regardless of when we are involved.

Trend Watching

Product Packaging must keep up with the rest of the consumer world to stay ahead of your competitors' products. GET Social MD is up to date with new trends, packaging solutions and compelling designs.

With our packaging design services combining visually pleasing graphics with consumer color preferences, styles and trends, as well as demographic considerations, we have the skills and knowhow to ensure your invention packaging design is well executed. We can design packaging graphics for all manner of styles and sizes.

Packaging Strategy

One of the most critical roles for packaging is promoting products. Indeed, just as ease-of-use and readability are elements of the strategic packaging mix, packaging is an important part of a company's strategic marketing mix. Most packages for consumer products are designed for one of three purposes:

To Improve the Packaging of an Existing Product

Redesign of packaging for existing products may be prompted by several factors. Many times, a company may simply want to breathe new life into a maturing product by updating its image. Or, a company may redesign the package to respond to a competitive threat, such as a new product that is more visible on the shelf. Other strategic reasons for package redesign are: changes in the product, economics, alterations in market strategy, or trying to promote new uses for a product.

To Add a New Product to an Existing Product Line

A second reason for package redesign is to extend a product or brand line. In these instances, the packaging strategy usually reflects an effort to closely mimic the established brand or product, but to integrate the benefits of the new feature into the existing package in such a way that customers will be able to easily differentiate it from other products in the line.

To Contain an Entirely New Product

The third impetus for package design is the need to generate housing for an entirely new product. This is the most difficult type of packaging to create because it often requires the designer to instill consumer confidence in an unknown product or brand, and to inform the buyer about the product's uses and benefits.


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